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sorry for the late reply...

The Issue fixed itself after I restarted Visual Studio 2019. Probably because of Visual Studio not updating the linking. Everything seems to work fine after I restarted Visual studio (and my computer). About the Debug or Release version i'm using, I was dynamically linking with Release, using precompiled versions from both websites for x32.

Basically I just had to restart Visual studio :|

Sorry for wasting your time :P
Another really odd thing is that if I do

tgui::Widget::Ptr widgetPtr = gui.get("loadFromFile");
tgui::Button::Ptr ptrIWant = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<tgui::Button>(widgetPtr);

It doesn't throw me any errors, until I use a function like


where it gives me the read access violation error.

Some other functions such as

somehow don't throw a read access violation error
If I run

tgui::Widget::Ptr a = gui.get("loadFromFile");
std::cout << (a == nullptr);

it outputs 0 (it's not a nullptr)
If i use any other names, it outputs 1, (because of nullptr)

(attached file with startMenu.txt below. I checked the name inside)
currently, I have this code:

sf::RenderWindow window{ {800, 600}, "TGUI window with SFML" };
tgui::GuiSFML gui{ window };
auto b = gui.get<tgui::Button>("loadFromFile");

the program throws a read access violation error on the gui.get<tgui::Button>("loadFromFile");
I can confirm that without this line the page loads normally.
I've already asked at stackoverflow , but I didn't get any answers :(