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Are you using the Github sources as SFML_ROOT or are you building then installing SFML and using that as your SFML_ROOT? For me, cmake complains about missing files if SFML_ROOT is set to the Github sources.

The process behind how I got everything to compile and build is as follows.

Download most recent SFML sources.
Use cmake-gui to create a Visual Studio solution that will build the static libraries.
Inside of the solution, I run Build on the INSTALL project, which creates an SFML distribution that I will use as SFML_ROOT

Download most recent TGUI sources with the FindSFML.cmake change.
I apply the line 17 patch you provided earlier.
I set SFML_ROOT to the location that I built and installed SFML to.
I hit configure again since those are showing red.
I hit Generate.

The solution that cmake spits out using this process works like a charm. No need to change the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH or copy any files. SFML_ROOT just needs to be set to a SFML source location that has been created through the install process.

- Does cmake find them when setting CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to the sfml folder?
- If the above question is yes, is it enough to copy ALL the files from SFML/cmake/Modules to TGUI/cmake/Modules and then just leave CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to its default value?

FindSFML.cmake is the only file in the SFML/cmake/Modules folder. Copying it to the the TGUI/cmake/Modules folder allows cmake to find the the required dependencies and everything builds as it should.

I suppose it really doesn't make much sense to build the form builder now that you bring it up. I guess I'm doing it mostly for the sake of completeness.

So if you just copy all the files from there into the TGUI/cmake/Modules and you build it with the current settings then it all works without manually setting the dependencies locations? Or do I really have to set it to the sfml folder?

If you copy FindSFML.cmake from the SFML install location to the TGUI cmake/Modules it will build properly. If you're using cmake-gui, you can also manually set CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to the SFML/cmake/Modules path and it will build successfully too, since it winds up pointing to the same file. I like the second option because of its simplicity for the user, on Windows at least.

As for building on my own, I want to make sure I want to make sure I'm using the most up to date version of SFML with the form builder since it's also being used in my game. It's one less thing to think about.

If you want, I can look into making the install process how I was requesting. I've already kind of been working on it.

That worked like a charm.

To simplify matters, in cmake-gui you can set CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to "SFML-Location/cmake/Modules" and as far as I can tell everything still builds and compiles like it should.

Would you be willing to add the formBuilder to the install process so that the executable and related files go to ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/formbuilder? I'm on Windows, so this doesn't happen automatically for me.

In order to build FormBuilder using static libs, you need to add the following to the dependencies, on Windows at least. Without these, you get a host of unresolved symbols.

I am using the most recent SFML from Github.

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General Discussion / Just want to say thank you
« on: 14 November 2013, 09:01:36 »
My search for a GUI library that even works has been quite unsuccessful, either due to no documentation for use with SFML, or it being years out of date.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for TGUI, most especially for the C# binding that actually works. I can now finally get to work on my game.

Somewhat related, do you have a buglist or anything concerning the C# TGUI? I'd like to help out any way I can.

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