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A few suggestions

Started by netrick, 03 May 2013, 20:41:47


1) You should change theme completely or install something more used like phpbb which is much more polished. Right now it looks ugly and especially under linux the fonts look really bad (and for example SFML forum looks great under ubuntu).
It looks nice and clean under windows, but not on linux.

2) You should add quick register option next to login - ie without opening new page, just type login, email and password and you are instantly registered.


Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into the options.
I don't really have any experience with making forums.

I did chose SMF over phpbb because sfml uses it too. But I'll see if I can find a better theme.


I've installed the same theme as the sfml forum now. That might be easier to use.
I still have to figure out how to change the colors though.


Now it looks really good on linux :) I think the colors may easily stay as they are right now, because they are good and you don't clone sfml forum.

It's still worth to have a look at quick register option though. I know it exists for phpbb, however I have no experience on this forum so I can't tell you how to do it. Maybe there is some mod or something.


QuoteNow it looks really good on linux :)
Its just ubuntu, because I use linux myself and I saw nothing wrong with the font on the previous style. But now it will probably look good on everything.

I looked into the quick register option, but I couldn't find a way to do it.
There is a mod for SMF 1.1, but I'm using SMF 2.0 so that won't work.