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Help requests / Re: "Keyword list"
« Last post by RamblingBaba on 29 January 2020, 03:08:35 »
Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!
Help requests / Re: "Keyword list"
« Last post by texus on 27 January 2020, 17:53:46 »
I haven't added it to the tutorial yet (I'll try to do so soon), but you can find the signal supported by each widget in the tgui::Signals namespace:
Help requests / "Keyword list"
« Last post by RamblingBaba on 27 January 2020, 16:40:05 »

So I'm looking through the documentation regarding "string keywords" for some functions (like connect). But the tutorial leaves it too vague and assumed such as "pressed" etc. It seems to be the common sense of "pressed" "MouseUp". But is there an actual list of all these without searching function by function? As much common sense as it seems, I'm sure I might not be thinking of the correct keyword when I'm trying to do something. For example, is it "scroll" "slide" "drag"? So a list would be great!

PS: Very nice GUI for SFML. By far the most productive and least confusing out of the few I tried. Also, are there any really nice screenshots of this being used in games? I have seen a few (not necessarily games), but the gallery isn't very big. 
Thanks for implementing this.
It's not really crucial but I can try to implement it on this week.
It would indeed be useful. I'll add it to my todo list.
If you want it soon then you will have to implement it yourself though (the code is probably similar to DefaultText in EditBox).
It's a bit strange that multiline input widget hasn't support setting placeholder because some users really need a hint what they should input even for big textboxes. So it would be great to have such feature.

Installation help / Re: Linking error with TGUI 0.8.6 on OSX using Clang
« Last post by texus on 08 January 2020, 08:10:49 »
I have solved the issue now in the latest 0.8 version that you can download from github.

I don't know why it gives a linking error for this instead of a compile error, but I was just missing an "ostream" include.

The reason why my CI tests never failed was because I am doing a unity build to speed things up and it must have gotten the ostream include via another source file.
Help requests / Re: The implementation of "Middle" parameter on themes syntax
« Last post by Maksat on 08 January 2020, 07:45:35 »
Wow! I don’t have to implement it myself. I just can use tgui::Texture and tgui::Sprite! Thank you very much for your library! It is very useful to me. I am very grateful to you.
Help requests / Re: The implementation of "Middle" parameter on themes syntax
« Last post by texus on 07 January 2020, 18:40:55 »
The middle is passed as a (left, top, width, height) rect. If top is 0 and height is equal to the texture height then it splits the image in 3 parts. In this case the left and right parts will keep their ratio while the center part is stretched to fill the remaining of the area.
If the middle part doesn't has the same height as the texture and divides the image in 9 parts then 9-slice scaling is performed. The corners will not be scaled, the top and bottom bar will be stretched only horizontally, the left and right bars will only be stretched vertically and the center part is stretched to fill the remaining area.

The implementation itself is just a matter of creating triangles with the right texture coordinates.
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