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Hi Texus,

I did not forgot that i had to reply here.

Thanx for your answer ...

Here is where we are now. Oh yes we did it, we compiled on the Pi, your answered helped us to seek that the memory card was full, there was no space for the Os swap, so the Pi went out of memory and froze. It's fixed now.

For the other message about the Deprecated method, we still do not figure why, the method is definitly not called in the code. As i coded myself all the things that use the mouse, i know i did not used this method. We are looking around to seek where is the problem but it's not a high priority task, as the code compiles we'll chase it for the next code merge.


Help requests / Re: List view double click
« Last post by texus on 25 June 2020, 18:18:53 »
It's currently not possible.
Are you talking about double-clicking the header or knowing the column when double clicking an item (I'm assuming the second one)?
What use case do you have that requires knowing which column was clicked?
Help requests / List view double click
« Last post by roccio on 25 June 2020, 17:00:06 »
Is it possible to know which column has been double-clicked in a listView?

Help requests / Re: CTGUI 0.8.3 MenuBar zero signal ID
« Last post by texus on 23 June 2020, 18:32:52 »
CTGUI was written to build the TGUI.Net binding, CTGUI wasn't really intended to be used directly. This is why the library lacks documentation and doesn't has a separate forum section.
You can use the library, you just shouldn't expect it to be as user-friendly as TGUI or TGUI.Net.

The problem seems to be that MenuItemClicked isn't of type SignalItem in c++ (and you thus can't use tguiWidget_connectItemSelected), but it has type SignalItemHierarchy.
The SignalItemHierarchy supports functions with 3 sets of parameters:
- No parameters at all (use tguiWidget_connect in CTGUI for this)
- A string parameter with the menu item that was clicked (use tguiWidget_connectString in CTGUI for this)
- A vector of strings with the hierarchy of the clicked menu item (if you don't have submenus then it contains 2 items: the menu and the menu item). This is apparently not available in CTGUI and TGUI.Net.

Although not related to your issue, is there a reason why you are using an older CTGUI version? The last tagged version seems to be 0.8.6, but the CTGUI master branch itself should actually be up-to-date with 0.8.7
Help requests / Re: CTGUI 0.8.3 MenuBar zero signal ID
« Last post by ksyrx on 23 June 2020, 15:00:33 »
> ... Could you check what tgui_getLastError() returns ...

Oh, I was looking for getting the last error inattentively...

TGUI: 0.8.7;
CTGUI: 0.8.3;

tgui_getLastError returns: "Signal 'MenuItemClicked' could not provide data for unbound parameters.". I googled it and wandered here:, but not understood how can this be applied to the my problem.

Between this and then, excuse me for post placement about CTGUI here - I haven't found the better section.
Help requests / Re: CTGUI 0.8.3 MenuBar zero signal ID
« Last post by texus on 23 June 2020, 13:00:31 »
tguiWidget_connectItemSelected returns 0 when it fails.
Could you check what tgui_getLastError() returns (the function is defined in Global.h) after calling tguiWidget_connectItemSelected ?

Also, what TGUI (and CTGUI) version are you using?
Help requests / CTGUI 0.8.3 MenuBar zero signal ID
« Last post by ksyrx on 23 June 2020, 09:51:18 »
I use CTGUI and trying create the simple menu bar.

Here is how I connecting the bar:

tguiWidget_connectItemSelected(menu, "menuitemclicked", func);

Here is my callback:

func(const sfUint32 *menu, const sfUint32 *text) {
    /* to handle menu and text */

Signal ID, that returns by tguiWidget_connectItemSelected sets to zero. Is it expected behaviour? Add that tguiWidget_connect returns non-zero and works perfectly.
The mouseNoLongerDown isn't called anywhere inside TGUI (based on a quick word-search through the codebase), so I would think it is called from somewhere in your code. Otherwise maybe you have TGUI headers installed somewhere that don't match the library version?

You could add the TGUI_REMOVE_DEPRECATED_CODE define in your code (either project-wise or as a define before including TGUI.hpp). That will completely remove the function, any place that tries to call it will then give a compile error instead of a warning.

I'm not sure what could cause the OS to crash, maybe it goes out of memory? Are you trying to compile with multiple threads? Compiling with only one thread would reduce the memory usage, if this would be the problem.

TGUI_DEPRECATED("Use leftMouseButtonNoLongerDown instead") virtual void mouseNoLongerDown();

I have this warning all the time when i am compiling. I am not using it in my code. How can i stop those warnings ?

Also, when compiling on Raspberry Pi, The OS crashes (yes the OS) just before this message (if we compare the logs from windows). Note that TGUI has been installed with succces as we are compiling exemple codes just fine.

is it possible that the crash could be related to the message ? For me, not ... but my dev-mate thinks so ...

news of the project : We're still working on it ... cleaning a lot of things, before adding new features.

Thanks by advance.
Help requests / Re: Undefined reference to .connect
« Last post by cpyro on 19 June 2020, 13:36:35 »
I was not including TGUI.hpp! I only had "#include <TGUI/Widgets/EditBox.hpp>". Now it works, thank you!
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